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Kirk Brae Cricket Club - Selection Policy

Decisions will be made primarily for the benefit of Kirk Brae Cricket Club ('the club'), the success of the 1st XI and ongoing development of the 2nd XI. After this, the selection committee ('the committee') will seek to look after the needs of its individual playing members ('the players').

The club expects its players to at all times abide by the rules and guidance as outlined within the Selection Policy ('the policy') and to respect all decisions made by the committee. The club also expects its players to strive for improvement to play at the highest level possible.

Directives of the 1st XI and 2nd XI teams:

1st XI: to play as high a standard as possible and aim for league promotion. The directive for 1st XI team selection is therefore to select the strongest side possible from the players available.

2nd XI: to provide support to the 1st XI in allowing players to find form and by encouraging the development of new and existing players. While results remain important, the directive for the 2nd XI is to focus more on individual player development and encouraging the promotion of players up to the 1st XI.

Team selection rules:

1. Selection for East of Scotland Cricket Association ('ESCA') league matches will be made by the committee, which will consist of the 1st XI captain (or, where unavailable the 1st XI vice-captain or nominated senior player), the 2nd XI captain (or, where unavailable the 2nd XI vice-captain or nominated senior player) and the Chairman.

2. Decisions will be made by consensual agreement between the 1st XI captain and the 2nd XI captain and not by any individual. Where selection issues cannot be resolved, the final decision will be made by the Chairman. The Chairman is also responsible for reminding the 1st XI and 2nd XI captains of the policy rules and directives when required.

3. The committee will attempt to accommodate the requests of individuals where possible. However, players are asked to recognise and support the directives of the club and each team, and understand that their personal requests may, at times, be secondary to the fulfilment of these directives.

4. Where players have an issue with selection, in the first instance, they should speak to the captain of the team for whom they have been selected. If any issue remains, they should contact the Chairman.

5. Refusal by a player to play for the team they have been selected for, without a good and valid reason, may forfeit their right to future selection. Players are reminded that team selections are made for the benefit of the club, the success of the 1st XI and ongoing development of the 2nd XI.

6. In accordance with the team directives, the club's position is to select the strongest 1st XI from the players available, followed by the 2nd XI. The factors taken into consideration in the selection of players include, but are not limited to:

i. Attitude - e.g. response to selection, captain's instructions, umpire's decisions, etc.
ii. Conduct - e.g. availability for matches both home and away, punctuality, assistance in and completion of pre- and post-match responsibilities, on-field behaviour, etc.
iii. Ability
iv. Performance
v. Team requirements (i.e. batting, bowling and wicket-keeping needs)
vi. Development needs
vii. Payment of match fees and subscriptions
viii. Availability (including late withdrawals, partial availability and individual requests)

7. Prioritisation will be given to those players who are able to play the full duration of a fixture over those players who can only play part of a fixture. Priority will also be given to those players who can play both home and away fixtures. In addition, players who drop out without good reason, drop out repeatedly, whose availability is irregular, or who are limited to certain fixtures (i.e. home fixtures only) should expect these factors to be taken into account for future selection.

8. While priority is given to the 1st XI, the 2nd XI captain can question selection should it lead to an imbalance in their team (e.g. no competent wicket-keeper, insufficient bowling for 40 overs, etc.)

Selection process and responsibilities:

9. For an upcoming fixture (i.e. ESCA league matches), the Secretary will use 'Teamer' or a similar application to issue an availability request by 12p.m. Monday.

10. It is the responsibility of the player to inform the committee of their availability by 12p.m. Thursday of the selection week. This is considered the 'cut-off' time.

11. It is the responsibility of the player to notify the committee of any limitations or irregularities regarding their availability. A good and valid reason must be provided by the player to the selection committee, but this may be taken into account for future selection.

12. Should a player become available after the cut-off, then that player should only be selected where there are insufficient numbers to fill both teams (22 players).

13. The committee will aim to confirm team selection by 9p.m. Thursday of the selection week. The committee may, on occasion, need to delay the communication beyond this time. Where this occurs, the selection committee will inform the players of the delay and make every effort to issue the team selection as soon as possible thereafter.

14. Where a player has moved teams from the previous week, the captain or Chairman should, where appropriate, telephone the player to give a full explanation for the change.

15. Players have the right to inform the selection committee of their preferences (for batting, bowling, position, etc.) but the committee will have the final say.

16. Where a player has to drop out of a fixture after the teams have been selected, they must notify the committee immediately. This must be done by telephoning the captain of the team they have been selected for or the Chairman. Late drop-outs without explanation will be taken into account for future selection.

17. Where there are more than 22 players available for a given fixture, any player not chosen for the 1st or 2nd XI will be selected as a 12th man or placed on stand-by in the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g. a late drop out). A player named as 12th man should remain available for the upcoming fixture, be contactable at all times, and be ready to play at short notice.

18. The committee will ensure that no player is selected as 12th man or put on stand-by more frequently than other players over the course of a season, unless otherwise agreed with that player.

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