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Kirk Brae Cricket Club - 2017 Membership and Match Fees

Membership and match fees cover the vital costs of a cricket club. League fees, cost of balls and pitch hire being just some of the costs the club has to consider and cater for every season.

Kirk Brae has always looked to provide good value to its members by keeping the cost of playing cricket low and by maintaining a simple payment structure. However, over the past few seasons a number of difficulties have arisen that, in the view of the committee, make the current payment structure difficult to sustain. Some of these difficulties include the late or non-payment of match fees (resulting in a loss to the club) and the lack of a membership fee to distinguish between club members and casual players.

We have spent a good deal of time looking at alternative payment structures that will help to alleviate some of these problems while still offering good value to club members. Subsequently, the Committee has agreed to introduce a new membership and match fee structure for 2017 as outlined below. Please read the details carefully.


One-off cost:

A single payment of £120 (£90 students / concession) payable in full or in regular instalments (via direct debit). This one-off payment will cover all membership and match fees for the entire 2017 playing season.

Payments in full must be completed by 15 May 2017. For regular instalments, the committee recommends four equal payments of £30 (£22.50 students / concession) payable on the 15th of May, June, July and August.


Casual players can still play, however the cost per match will be £10* payable on the day. Casual players can only use the pay-as-you-play method five times, after which they will be expected to join the club as full members before playing another game. The cost of membership in this instance will be £20* for the season.

*£7.50 per match and £15 membership for students / concession.

Casual players may elect to switch to the one-off cost at any time during the season, but must pay the remainder of the full members cost of £120 (£90 students / concession) within 7 days of notifying the club.


Non-players who wish to be members of the club may elect to pay a membership fee of £20 at any time.


All payments can be made to Kirk Brae Cricket Club (Sort Code 80-02-27, Account Number 00176932). When transferring online, please email Peter Thomson (petert56@blueyonder.co.uk) with the details.

The committee believes that the new payment structure will bring a number of benefits to the club. This includes the ability to spread the cost of playing cricket over the course of the season; to pay direct from your own bank account; reduced administration for the treasurer/team captains; reduced time spent chasing outstanding match fees (some of which may never be recovered), and increased membership and commitment to the club.

We hope that you understand the reasons for the changes. It is our belief that Kirk Brae still offers good value to its members (less than £7 a game for the one-off cost) and we will be sure to assess the effectiveness of the new payment structure at the next Annual General Meeting.

On behalf of the Kirk Brae C.C. committee,

David Sangster (Chairman)

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